The best information that we can offer at Good News Homes about the housing services that we provide comes straight from some of those families that we've been allowed to serve.  Below you'll see just a few testimonials from some of the families that we've assisted in the past couple of years.

"a lifesaver"  

- a homeless single mother recovering from domestic violence

"a fresh start"  

- a homeless family going through bankruptcy

"a healing place"  

- a homeless single mother recovering from a serious illness

Wednesday - March 3, 2010

My Dear "family" at Good News,
When we first moved into RoseHaven, I was terrified and felt hopeless and alone.  In the years I have lived here I have had more love and compassion shown to me than I probably have in my whole lifetime.  I was welcomed with open and loving arms and felt safe and secure in our new home almost instantly.  I went from being a victim of domestic violence to a woman who was able to show her young daughters the true strength and resilience of a woman.

They you so much to everyone at Good News.  You have been a blessing in our lives and have shown us the true meaning of kindness.  We owe this wonderful opportunity to each of you and we thank you.

Carrie, Emily, and Abigail

A step forward . . .
I have lived in Good News Shelter for two years and two months with my daughter.  My time is coming to an end soon.  I have learned so many things throughout this process while staying at the complex.  I would like to share my journey to who would like to listen.



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