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Vision Statement
Mission Statement
Good News Homes' vision is of that day when the Oldham-Trimble area provides safe and decent housing for all persons residing there.
Good News Homes is a faith-based organization that exists to help displaced or at-risk families, especially those who are underserved, find housing and/or related resources that can help them become or stay self-sufficient.

Providing housing for families in LaGrange, Bedford,
and in a single family home sponsored by Southeast Christian Church.

Good News Homes was established in 2001 by Good News Shelter Corporation, a not-for-profit charitable organization created in 1998 by the local Southern Baptist District Organization (now known as the Oldham-Trimble Baptist Association).  Both apartment buildings were constructed with the help of approximately 80 members of the Baptist Builders, a group of volunteers from Oldham, Trimble, and surrounding counties.  Funding for construction and administration of the program has come from Kentucky Housing Corporation grants, HUD funding, and contributions from the Mahan Foundation, the Peyton Samuel Head Family Trust, the Metro United Way, the Wilborn Foundation, LaGrange Rotary Club, Ohio Valley United Charities, Zoeller Company, and many local churches, businesses, and individuals.


Good News Homes provides transitional housing for families who cannot make ends meet.  Medical expenses, car accidents, job loss, divorce, domestic violence, illness and other catastrophic events have caused many families to lose their home or apartment when there was not enough money to pay the bills.


Homelessness is right here in Oldham, Trimble, Henry, and our surrounding counties.  Kentucky homeless counts continue to indicate there is a homeless problem in Oldham County.  Most of our homeless population consists of families.

These families are not always visible and, therefore, not necessarily recognized by the government.  Families in shelters and transitional housing programs are considered bona fide "homeless", but those who are "doubled up" are not counted because technically, they are sheltered.  They are usually families, most often single women with their children, and they are staying anywhere they can.  The fact that they have no home of their own means they have no stability or future for themselves and their children.

The problem of homelessness is discouraging but not hopeless.  When Good News is able to help a family, the result is life-changing.


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